Stryker Hip Stem Claims Latest Multicounty Litigation in New Jersey

Earlier this month, the New Jersey Supreme Court granted an application to centralize all New Jersey state court claims involving Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Stems and ABG II Modular Hip Stems before the Hon. Brian Martinotti in Bergen County.

Unlike the recent applications for centralizations of claims involving the Mirena contraceptive device and certain NexGen knee implant products — which were both denied (as we previously noted here and here) — the application for centralization of the Stryker Hip Stems claims was submitted by plaintiffs’ counsel.  The Mirena and NexGen applications were submitted by defendants’ counsel.

Just as with the recent denials, no explanatory comments from the Supreme Court accompanied this grant of multicounty centralization, so practioners are left only to speculate as to what the relevant differences in the applications may have been that led to these opposite results.

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