New Year, New Administration, New Issues?

Much of the nation is watching the transfer of power from the outgoing Trump administration to the incoming Biden administration. Each new administration brings many things, but one constant is change.

Obviously, COVID-19 has been the dominant issue for nearly all of 2020, impacting everything, from the drug and medical device industries to our legal system. We expect that while the new Biden administration will continue some of the policies and programs from the Trump administration relating to COVID-19, others will change or be modified, and new policies will begin. We will watch with interest to see what happens, and we will report on those developments that we think are noteworthy.

There are also many issues beyond COVID-19―some old, some new―that will likely arise this year. Many of those we cannot predict; at this time last year, none of us, or at most a very small faction of us, foresaw the broad and pervasive impacts that COVID-19 would have on the world. But whatever the changes are, we plan to bring you our thoughts and insights as to what is impactful on the life science industry from a legal perspective.

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