“Medicine Chest of the World” Joins Fight Against Opioid Epidemic

New Jersey has joined the long – and growing – company of states and local municipalities in the fight against the opioid epidemic.  The New Jersey attorney general filed suit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the company misled consumers on how addictive the long term use of their opioid products were.

The lawsuit by New Jersey represents a new frontier in the opioid epidemic as the state brings legal action against one of its biggest employers.  New Jersey has a deep relationship with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as the state was once home to several pharmaceutical manufacturers.

According to the New Jersey attorney general, Janssen pushed Nucynta and Nucynta ER as safer alternatives, despite this being inaccurate. The complaint argues that Janssen should repay New Jersey for money residents used through Medicaid to buy the drugs.

While Janssen’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson, is not being investigated, the New Jersey attorney general did not rule it out additional charges down.

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