Former Drug Executives Criminally Charged in Ongoing Opioid Crisis Fight

The former chief executive and former chief compliance officer of the Rochester Drug Co-Operative were recently charged in a criminal case for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and willingly failing to file suspicious order reports with the DEA. The Rochester Drug Co-Operative is also being charged with conspiracy to violate narcotics laws.

This prosecution represents the first time executives of a pharmaceutical company and the company itself were charged with drug trafficking. According to the suite, Rochester Drug Co-Operative distributed drugs to pharmacies after identifying “red flags” where medical providers were under investigation for acting outside the scope of the medical practice. The company had identified 8,300 potentially suspicious orders of oxycodone, but only reported four to the U.S. attorney.

Rochester Drug Co-Operative has entered into a plea deal to pay $20 million in fines and submit to supervision by an independent monitor.

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