DePuy Wins Second Hip Implant Trial

After a five-week trial, an Illinois jury made up of seven women and five men reached its verdict, just one day after it started deliberations, and it was in favor of the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Inc.

In Carol Strum v. DePuy Orthopaedics, plaintiff claimed that the ASR XL implant she received in 2008 had a defective designed that caused it to shed large amounts of debris from metal-on-meal ware and made it prone to premature failure. DePuy had argued over the course of the five-week trial that Strum’s individual health issues, not its product, had required her revisionary surgery which replaced the AXR XL implant with another implant in 2011.

This was the second implant trial to go to trial. The first case resulted in an $8.3 million verdict last month.  The next trial in the implant is scheduled for June in an Ohio federal court as part of multidistrict litigation.

For more information, please see Jury Sides With DePuy At 2nd Hip Implant Trial (Note: Subscription required to read full article).

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